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Thank You and Good Bye

Have you heard about Sorowako before? As for me, when someone asks about my origin, I would be a bit confuse. I’m Torajan and Chinese from my blood, but then I spent 15 years of my life in a town called Sorowako. Most people don’t know about Sorowako. They usually mistaken it as Sorong or Solo, or any other more familiar city.

Sorowako is famous for its nickel mining. It is a place of a big nickel company called Inco before, then turn into Vale. My parents are not their employees, but dad just open a shop in the town. Eventhough, I could enjoy some company facilities, such as the private school, recreational spot, private market, etc.The facilities, at that time, imho are amongst the best. But it’s just about time until the company got so strict that non-employee couldn’t get the privilege anymore. My little sister had to enter the public school, unlike me and my brother.

After finished my junior high, I moved to Makassar, then to Bandung, then to Jakarta, and recently here in Balikpapan. For some reasons, my dad wants to move to Makassar so we decided to sell our house in Sorowako. Last month, I went to my house in Sorowako. Ah, maybe it was the last time I could call it ‘my house’. And as usual, the melancholic thingy is taking over. Lots of memories start to roll again in my mind.

I remember the house is pretty big with 3 bedrooms, a livingroom, a family room, a kitchen, a dining room, and 2 bathrooms. I remember we had dogs, chickens, and ducks with a fish pool in front of our yard. Life was slow back in there. My mother is a housewife and my father worked from 8-12 AM then 6-10 PM, so we have lots of time together. We didn’t need much time to commute because all places seemed so near and no traffic included. We had 1 favorite place to spend the holiday: Matano Lake. I learnt my first swimming lesson there. We are not rich that we hardly buy new things either going for a vacation, but we could celebrate life every day 🙂

Last month, we have few days to enjoy the house. Many things have changed. I remember ran all over the house when I was a little kid, and now I just feel the house is getting smaller. Blame it to my growth or maybe the development of the houses around us just too fast. They cut the trees, broaden the way, and built their house so big I can hardly breathe. Most of my friends also already moved to another city, so I can hardly find my pals there. The town has changed me from a familiar person into a stranger.

Life changed and we have to move on. My family and I maybe won’t find our home again there, but the place will always be in our heart. It has gave me good memories that empower me over and over again whenever I feel down. Thank you and good bye, Sorowako. I’m looking forward to see you soon from the glasses of a traveller 🙂

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4 comments on “Thank You and Good Bye

  1. Ivan
    April 24, 2015

    no I àà oil is avs lliajS I i kob bazkoaO8 ob. jj k. ba@@ o j

  2. Ivan
    April 24, 2015

    A kknop Jo oojkoi

  3. Claudia Since
    September 25, 2015

    Ikut sedih bacanya..ikut me review kmbali masa-masa kecil disana..

    • Seli
      September 28, 2015

      iyaa cee.. jd pengen balik lagi ke rumah ituu.. someday 🙂

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