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Another Adventure

So, it’s been a month for me staying here in Balikpapan. My transfer here just happened all of a sudden, so it was like a surprise for me and my family. After the closing ceremony on July 25th, we received our assignment letter.. and it was Balikpapan written in my letter. I have mixed feelings toward it, since I already made kind of plan if only I was placed in Jakarta. But then, after 3 home transfers for the past months, I think I’m used to it. Move in to another new place with new friends and new tasks seemed a little bit shocking, still I have to survive.

On August 3rd, I set down my feet on new Sepinggan International Airport for the first time. I’ve been there when I was 15 years old and for certain I remember nothing but the old dormitory I lived in. I’m assigned to the refinery unit. Luckily, the refinery is placed near the city of Balikpapan. The city itself is complete enough.. you can get anything here as well as in Jakarta.. only with higher price. The living cost here is pretty high. The atmosphere is pretty cozy, there are lot of beaches, hills, and another beautiful shot of nature. Oh, and my colleague. They are all men. I am the only woman employee in my department. They are really good and cooperative, so I like them so far. The work in here much related to budgeting, money, and project thingy. My temporary house is located really near to my office.. 5 minutes walk! I wonder that I will have plenty of time to enjoy the hour, the place, and the people here.. until I get bored someday. But so far so good.. I hope I can adjust my self well in here.

The more I think, the more grateful I am. Maybe this is really not Jakarta, where I can meet my friends so often or doing such important things in the main office. I think that maybe this is the time when life give me kind of shock, to keep me wide awake from the routines. Maybe it’s time for me to turn around and enjoy everything I can’t enjoy in Jakarta. Finally, I believe that everything we were going thorugh must happened for a reason, maybe to prepare us to face the challenge in the future.

Let’s begin a new journey here!




One comment on “Another Adventure

  1. Cindy
    September 5, 2014

    semangat seli ^.^

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