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25 Years

On March 30, I’ve officially been living my life for 25 years. Not so young anymore. They said, age between 20 to 30 are the ages where you make the most important decisions that will impact your whole life afterwards. And, here I am. Starting again in a new company with new friends and new environment at the age of 25!

So much things to be grateful for. A loving family, besy friends, colleagues, and many more people that has mold me into my self today. Thing that happened in my life, sweet or sour, there is always something to be grateful for. There are also regrets for doing some mistakes or not taking some plan into action. But then, I am still learning from those experiences.

I realized I’m not young anymore. The clock is ticking. I started to think that my youth is getting shorter. Each day, I try to live my life the best I could. Seize the day. Live a day as if that is the last day of my life. It really helps me arrange my priorities and time management better.

Still, in my age, I still don’t really know where I belong or what God wants me to do specifically. All I know that I have to do my best in here as well as wait for His order. Finally, thank you for all the surprises, cakes, gifts, words, smiles, hugs, and many more sweet ingredients that already made my day! Hopefully I will be there to do the same good thing to you 😉

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