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The Big Blog Exchange (TBBE) 2013

Hello, you! It’s been a quite busy week for me. Effective working days is just about 8 days more (for me!) until the end of March.. and I still have lots of things to do in the office ~.~

I’m counting the days to my next trip to West Sumatra. Hopefully everything will goes well. In the mean days, I joined an event called Big Glog Exchange. It’s an annual event trhat give you chance to exchange with other bloggers all around the world! How cool is that?
So, for you, other bloggers, you can join this event here. And, please don’t forget to vote me in this event.

Click the image to vote for me!

Just click vote, enter your email, and then go to your inbox to confirm your vote. Or, you can visit then search for my name: Marselina Tando,  enter your email, and then go to your inbox to confirm your vote. Easy, right?

Soo, what are you waiting for? Who knows that this amazing experience could be mine or yours! Nevertheless, I also love to do blog-walking from this event’s website. Really interesting to read others stuff there and get their perspectives. For other blog-walker, just leave your comment here so i can read and vote for your blog,too! Ha!

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