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From a Guy Who’d been Dating a Girl Who Travels

Here, Now

So I’ve been dating a girl who travels, as this blogger did suggest. And so far, so good — I still haven’t lost my wallet, my passport, my keys. Sure my car has put on some extra miles; my shoes feel a little more worn. But when they say that it’s about the journey not the destination, that’s only half right — it’s also about who you’re with.

In dating a girl who travels, you always have to be prepared. With her jeans, flats, a cotton top, and a backpack, she’s ready to go and will wait for no one — not even you. She has places to go and people to meet, so I count myself lucky that she can spot me in a crowded street. There’s really no telling where she wants to go next, but you can rest assured that when she puts her hand in yours…

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