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19th NHC AOB Convention on Jakarta

So, here we goes. NHB AOC is an abbreviate of New Honda Circle Asia Oceania Bloc. It is a convention held by Honda in some regions, one og them is Asia Oceania Bloc. This year, Indonesia is the host for this convention. The commiteeis consists of all Honda-related entities in Indonesia, such as AHM (Astra Honda Motor), HPM (Honda Prospect Motor), HPPM (Honda Part Precision Mfg), Yutaka, Mitsuba, etc. Me and some of my friends from AHM joined the commitee from April 2012. Eny and I joined as the receptionist team at that time.

Time flies. 6 month passed and here we are in October. The NHB AOC was held on October 8-9 2012 at the Borobudur Hotel. Not so many meetings that we could afford to attend, but the closer the date we attended the meeting more frequent. The theme for this year is “Ideas to Share, Moment to Remember”. All the participants are the winners of innovation challenge in their country, so they presented and shared their ideas of innovation to another participation. Each team called as circle. I thought it was a clever word, because each innovation and its implementation surely is a circle that should be repeated and repeated again to get better and better result.. continous improvement. The presentation divided into 7 streams, while the receptionist team became the moderator of each presentation. Each stream consists of 7-8 circle in it.

It is an awesome convention for me—the first time i could meet and talk and laugh with so many foreign engineers (not to mention, the first time I stayed overnight by myself in a really good hotel :D) I really love it when they told me about their ideas with passion. I also admired how they found brilliant ideas to do some improvements in their work environment from observing simple things around them. The way and the thing they talked were so fascinating to me. As if they had transmitted their spirit to me.. Yes, one similiarities that i could find there, is that they have a lot af passion in their work. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why they can get here—passion of your work help you contribute more to your society 🙂

After the presentation, we had the gala dinner. While enjoying the dinner, we also enjoyed to the cultural performance from each participant country. It was sooo entertaining! The day after, we had this factory visit to AHM Cikarang Plant, then we visited Taman Mini Indonesia Indah for Indonesia’s cultural visit. I really enjoyed the day ❤ ❤ ❤

Although I already got so many things from them, they still gave me many souvenirs from their country.. there are pointer, pen, clothes, chocolates, and many more things. Some of the participants are also really touched my hearts with their kindness and passion, especially the people from Phillipines, Pakistan, China, Taiwan, and USA. Thank you thank you thank you! I really had the same experience with the theme—many things to shared and be shared that I will always remember. I really hope that we can still keep in touch even in the distance 😉

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