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Cianjur Trip

I love October! I do really love October.. It’s a busy month, but full of exciting things for me. Last week, I joined a trip in a web forum. I knew nobody in that forum, but still.. I wanna join. The trip took place at Cianjur. It is a beautiful regency that famous by its rice.. beras Cianjur.

I met the whole group in Plaza Semanggi at 5am. I spent the night in Ka Yosi’s so that i was not late (I was frustrating to find her place in the night before). We departed at 6am to Cianjur through Puncak.. and there is a bad traffic jam as always. I don’t really know the map, so I can’t suggest the other way. Because I don’t know anyone in my group, so we introduce our self one another along the trip and share our backpacker stories. Many of them has visited some beautiful places, such as Bromo, Semeru, Krakatau, Dieng, etc. I was totally envy them..

Finally, we arrived at Cianjur at 11am. It took about an half an hour to get to Stasiun Lampegan. It is a an old unused train station that has a pretty long and dark tunnel. Looks like a dead city to me because it’s so silent without our talks and laugh. The long tunnel itself has some mystical stories. We spent about an hour in Stasiun Lampegan.

Stasiun Lampegan

the long tunnel of Stasiun Lampegan.. about 415m

At 1.30pm, we continued our trip to Situs Megalitik. I’ve heard about this site form one of my friend, but we just don’t have the same schedule to visit it together. We enjoyed a beautiful scenery of tea plants along the way to the site. It was so refreshing for my tired eyes actually. We were having our lunch at the parking lot while the drizzle came. After lunch, we went up the hill to reach the site. It was a tiring way, because there are about 378 stairs step uphill. But, every steps is worth the scenery on the top. It was beautiful breath-taking hill surrounded by 5 mounts and hills. the site consists of 5-sides stones with certain shapes. There was also 5 grades of terraces. The places is full of number 5 combination.

uphill way to the top

the ‘X’ Adit

the welcome gate of Situs Megalith

the scenery from the top

After enjoyed the sites for a couple of hours, we went down to go to one last place in Cianjur: Curug Cikondang. It is a beautiful waterfall surrounded by rice-field.The road to the waterfall was broken. That’s why it took us about an hour to go there from the sites. I hardly see water fall nowadays, so I enjoyed this one so much. We had our dinner at 6pm on the stall near the waterfall before back to Jakarta. We departed at 7pm and arrived at Jakarta about 11 pm. For the whole day, I only spent about 200k, with taxi fare and ‘jajan’ included. It was a nice trip with nice people.. love it!

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  1. joice
    October 25, 2012

    what group did you join for this trip?

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